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Research Articles

Title: A newly recorded genus Hauptenia Szwedo (Hemiptera:Fulgoromorph: Derbidae)in Bangladesh, with description of a new species (Pages 1-4)
Author(s): PK Jhan, MA Rahman, MMH Khan, SMH Jahan

Title: Retention and leachability of organotin(IV)-treated Hevea brasiliensis, Alstonia scholaris and Macaranga triloba wood
Author(s): Md. Masudur Rahmanand Ismail Jusoh

Title: Effect of azadirachtin on digestion, cytoskeletal structure and fecundity of Bemisia tabaci (Pages 13-18)
Author(s): M Asaduzzaman, SMH Jahan, K-Y Lee

Title: A compact single notch printed antenna for UWB applications (Pages 19-23)
Author(s): MZ Mahmud, MT Islam, M Samsuzzaman

Title: Is provisioning services assessment a tool for forest dependency estimation in Coastal Bangladesh? (Pages 24-29)
Author(s): MN Amin, S Paul, RC Ghosh

Title: Effects of different types and concentrations of salt on the quality aspects of salted hilsa (Tenualosa ilisha) (Pages 30-39)
Author(s): SS Mukit, MS Hoque, S Roy, MB Rahman, S Chakma

Title: Socioeconomic potential of monkey jack: a promising underutilized fruit in Bangladesh (Pages 40-44)
Author(s): MS Islam, MF Hasan, M Ali, M Robbani, MT Hossain

Title: Farmers’ willingness to pay for veterinary extension services and effects of paid services on livelihood outcomes: A study of community-based smallholder dairy of Satkhira region of Bangladesh (Pages 45-52)
Author(s): ME Uddin, MH Rahman, MS Islam, A Quader

Title: Effects of whey protein and azadirachtin on Bemisia tabaci (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) and Tomato yellow leaf curl virus (Pages 53-60)
Author(s): S Biswas, S MH Jahan, MA Rahman