Root Causes of Muslim Extremism and Militancy in Bangladesh

Abul Basher Khan


About three decades as an evil element of militancy, extremism and muslim violence are less or more active in Bangladesh’s political, social and religious daily life. In this state, the main political parties and islamic idealism political parties use the impact of islam as a politics for gaining selfness for ruling-power and election-work. At present, the researcher efforts to seek behind the basic scene of the active causes of extremism and militancy within qualitative and explanatory research. For explanation and analysis about the history of politics and religion in Bangladesh the researcher depends on secondary data sources to show the causes and effect of muslim militancy and extremism. In this case, the motion-nature of politics, religious freedom, constitutional acceptance, from this discussion it can be gotten a footprint what result can be happened in future Bangladesh. In this research, the main focus was to inquiry the causes of the root of extremism and militancy. As a result, from this inquiry this research essay one of the cause is time of military ruling power when devoted with religious political parties, islamic politics, inaccurate explanation of islam and religious doctrinaire brainwashing, vile of politics, lack of democratization and democratic values, inequality and lack of economic inclusion, problem of political leaders’ ethical outlook, corruption in different segment and socio-economic paradigm shift. In this situation, remove politicization of islam and religion mentioned causes from politics and religion then forward future of Bangladesh will be secure and safe

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