Changing Pattern of Rural Society in Bangladesh: Sociological Perspective

Azmira Bilkis, Muhammad Abu Raihan, Abul Basher Khan


Social change is the transformation of culture and social institutions over time. Bangladesh belongs to a traditional society in terms of its societal values and culture. It has a long tradition of its local culture, conventions, customs and rituals. The pattern of rural society and culture is agrarian and homogenous. But this traditional pattern of rural society is being changed because of rapid impact of technology and widen of the effect of globalization. Globalization and the new market economy enhanced the transformation of economic and social relations across the globe (Perrons, 2004). From sociological point of view, the impact of the globalization, the society and culture of Bangladesh has lost its traditional uniqueness and a paradigm shift has been done through shaping into a new social structure with mixed social values. This research intended to analyze the changing social pattern in rural Bangladesh in respect of the impact of modern technology as well as globalization as a whole. Besides, this research will also explore the nature of changing pattern of the society.

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