Generational Differences in Attitude and Lifestyle: A Study from Khulna City of Bangladesh

Shaharior Rahman Razu, Md Tariqul Islam, Sumia Akter


This study attempts to investigate the attitudinal variation and lifestyle pattern of three different age groups in Khulna city of Bangladesh. We collected data from 660 participants who were categorized as younger adults (aged between 20 to 29 years), middle-aged adults (aged between 30 to 49 years) and older adults (aged 50 years or above). Simple random sampling method was used for choosing participants and the data were collected through face-to-face interviews. It is evident from the study that there is a significant variation in attitude towards choices such as preferred government or marriage system to preferred career option and even music choices. The same was observed in terms of lifestyle of the three different groups as age was associated with wake-up time and sleeping time, smoking habit and TV channels they watched mostly. The results show that significant attitudinal and lifestyle differences exist among the different age groups implying greater generation gap.

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