Toxicity of Botanicals on Eggplant Lace Bug, Gargaphia solani Heidemann

Alok Chandro Ray, Mohammad Atikur Rahman, S. M. Hemayet Jahan


The experiment was carried out to investigate the effect of botanicals on eggplant lace bug, Gargaphia solani at the field of Patuakhali Science and Technology University (PSTU) during the period from May 2016 to April 2017. The experiments were laid out in RCBD with three replications for each treatment. Six treatments ie.T0 (control; 100% water), T1 (10% leaves extract of Polygonum hydropiper L.), T2 (10% flowers extract of Azadirachta indica), T3 (10% flowers extract of Swietenia macrophylla L.), T4 (10% leaves and flowers extract of Heliotropium indicum) and T5 (10% bulb extract of Allium sativum L.) were used on lace bug to determine the performance of botanicals. Water was used as the solvent for extracting from the plant parts using a centrifuge. The highest mortality rate of lace bug was observed in T2 (63.00%), followed by T1 (59.00%) and lowest mortality rate was observed in T0 (8.66%) at 1% and 5% level of significance.

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