High Gain Circularly Polarized S-Band Patch Antenna for Small Satellite Applications

Md. Samsuzzaman, Md. Foridur Kayes Shawon, Chinmay Bepery, Md. Naimur Rahman


In this paper, a circularly polarized compact, high gain printed antenna is adduced for the small satellite communication system. For the analysis process, Computer Simulation Software (CST) microwave studio and High-Frequency Structural Simulator (HFSS) have been used. The anticipated antenna consists of a truncated corner cut patch with a T-shaped slot in the ground plane. CST and HFSS both simulation softwares have been justified the axial ratio and reflection coefficient result. The CST and HFSS simulated results show that the obtained impedance bandwidths are 130 MHz (2.30 -2.43 GHz) and 140 MHz (2.28 – 2.43 GHz) respectively which is good enough for S-band satellite applications. Substrate material FR-4 (lossy) with a dielectric constant of 4.6 and width of 1.6 mm has been used to print the antenna. An axial ratio of 3 dB beamwidth more than 160° displayed by the proposed antenna.

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